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About Rekio

Cooking has always been a passion of mine since I was a young boy. I started by watching my parents cook and helping them out in the kitchen. In my preteen years I became responsible for baking the cakes while my parents cooked all the other food. I was famous in my hometown for the cakes I baked, this gave me motivation to start experimenting more than just baking. 

I graduated college with a bachelor degree in elementary education. Although I enjoy teaching, being in the kitchen was always a happy place for me which gave me the idea of starting my meal prep business. Rekio's Recipes was established back in 2016. Like most businesses, first starting off can be really tough, especially when you're working a full time job. This cause for the business to be put on hold for awhile. In 2018 Rekio's Recipes started back and now its better than ever. 



From the Press


Deidre W.

"I am so happy Rekio has started his meal prep business back, his food is so amazing."




"Rekio is a lifesaver because I hate being in the kitchen prepping meals."


Kendra S.

"Everything Rekio cook is so good, when I think of soul food, I think of Rekio."

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